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Anna Szeto is a native New Yorker who grew up in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. She definitely knows all the nooks and crannies of the wonderfully diverse neighborhood since growing up there for over 20 years. After living on the same street for 22 years, she can tell you much about the cozy characteristics of Sunset Park from the best restaurants to beauty supply stores to grocery shopping and everything in between. The best part about Brooklyn is that it breeds so much culture in one borough. Exploring this range of diversity has expanded her specialty into neighborhoods of Southwest Brooklyn as well. Anna attended St. John’s University for her undergrad studying biology. Throughout her college years, she has developed a love for the sales industry working for cosmetic brands and freelancing as a makeup artist. Her experience as a professional makeup artist has enabled her to develop a strong sense of client service quickly and efficiently. Anna finds that through listening, following up, and deeply understanding the needs of others, the client’s needs will always be delivered exceptionally well. Anna’s love of client servicing is represented clearly in the dynamic world of real estate. Growing up with parents who were always on the hunt to invest in promising properties, she has developed a natural affinity towards the real estate profession to fulfill her business-minded ambitions. Anna’s ability to develop a vision for what best suits her clients combined with being solution-oriented allows her clients to save time and energy in finding the perfect home. She makes sure she is always up to date on the market through extended research, attending seminars and Webinars, asking questions and gaining knowledge through peers. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or lease, your needs are her priority. Anna is always envisioning a brighter future for herself and most importantly, those around her. She also enjoys traveling the world, reading self help books, listening to the words of her favorite entrepreneurs, and discovering great restaurants with family and friends.
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Brooklyn, New York
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Anna Szeto

  • Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
89 Seventh Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11217 United States