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RosiePhilidor is a passionate Brooklyn, NY native who’s lived throughout the borough in Fort Greene, Flatbush, Crown Heights, Mill Basin and Clinton Hill; where she currently resides. Like many Brooklynites, Rosie is Caribbean by the way of Haiti. Growing up, her Haitian roots fostered hard work, determination, resilience, and tenacity. Rosie utilized these qualities to propel her into an accomplished celebrity Stylist. As a Stylist, Rosie mastered the artof customer service and putting the client first.

Rosie got her start in real estate 15 years ago as a buyer and investor. Given her experience as a buyer, seller, resident, and investor, Rosie approaches real estate from a unique perspective. Rosie's priority is always placing the client first, tailoring each interaction around the client's personal needs andvision while fostering a potential long-term relationship. Her passion lies in helping clients comprehend the market and manage their expectations, while understanding theirpriorities and inspiring confidence in making sound decisions along the way. Rosie findsfulfillment in guiding andassisting clients with property endeavors while making sure their needs are met.

Rosie loves to give back to the community. When she's not working with clients, Rosie volunteers for God's Love WeDeliver. Rosie loves to travel, shop, and explore new neighborhoods locally and abroad. Feel free to contact Rosie as she is always happy to connect with new customers and clients,whether it is to advise on the current state of the sales or rental market, or just to answer a simple question.

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Rosie Philidor

  • Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
89 Seventh Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11217 United States