Brooklyn Heights

has long been considered one of the city’s most desirable neighborhoods, both for its short commute to Manhattan and for its quiet, friendly atmosphere.  Declared a historic district in 1965, it stretches from the East River to Cadman Plaza and Court Street, bordered by Old Fulton Street to the north and Atlantic Avenue to the south.

This neighborhood has tree-lined streets, cobblestone paths, and architecturally stunning brownstones in abundance.  Adding to its beauty, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade stretches along the East River waterfront and offers spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.  

Aside from its picturesque quality, Brooklyn Heights Real Estate also possesses a more practical advantage.  The centrally located Borough Hall subway station is served by the 2/3 and 4/5 trains, and the A/C/F and N/R lines are not far away.  Either by subway or by car, the commute into Manhattan is short and sweet.

Restaurants are plentiful and diverse along Montague Street, a main thoroughfare, but the famous Grimaldi’s Pizza, close to the Brooklyn Bridge, is also a delicious option.  A green market resides part-time at Borough Hall, and nearby Cadman Park is a perfect setting for a family picnic.

An opportunity just waiting to be taken advantage of is the ever-growing Brooklyn Bridge Park, which began to emerge on the waterfront in early 2010.  Thus far the Park includes such attractions as playgrounds and greenways, bike paths, dog runs, and novelties like the Spiral Pool.  The Park will ultimately encompass 85 acres and span 1.3 miles, and will offer a wide range of activities from running and biking to kayaking and canoeing.

Living in Brooklyn: Brooklyn Heights

living in brooklyn
living in brooklyn

Brooklyn Heights is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Brooklyn NY real estate, dating back to a time before subways, buses or even railroads.

Once upon a time, Manhattan didn't exist above 14th Street, and ferry boats traversed the East River. New York's wealthiest citizens wanted more space, but still needed easy access to the City.

Just across the river, Brooklyn Heights beckoned…and the first commuter town was born.

living in brooklyn

Cross bustling plazas and browse local green markets,
look for cobblestone side-streets.

Can you find Love Lane?

Brooklyn Heights Real Estate is in a neighborhood made elegant and chic by design…along with some serious consideration for your comfort and convenience.

Meander along The Promenade in Brooklyn Heights…

Brooklyn Heights beckons…

Brooklyn Heights Real Estate is all a neighborhood should be…and more.

Cadman Plaza Park has the longest meadow your kids could ask for.
Memorials decorate its borders and immortalize the past, while you and your family enjoy life in the present.

Have you ever wondered who you would become,
if you were in the place where you belong?

Find out.

Let Old World Craftmanship Inspire Your New World Masterpieces

Brooklyn Heights sits at the intersection of eco-friendly
& modern conveniences

Restaurants abound in this neighborhood…if you ever tire of Montague, duck into Jack the Horse Tavern on Hicks Street or sit down for some sushi at Iron Chef House on Clark Street.

things to do in brooklyn heights

Delight your taste buds and open your mind to new experiences on Montague Street…

Enjoy green tea and a great view from the second floor –veg out on an Asian Fusion menu at Vegetarian Ginger.

In the summer, take advantage of Armando's outdoor seating (and try their goat cheese!), or have a picnic on the patio at Le Pain Quotidien.

This is where you were meant to be.

Brooklyn Bridge Park is a haven for family fun and me-time both. Sunbathe or picnic on the green grassy slopes. Stroll along the landscaped walkways. Sign your kids up for free bike lessons, or attend a free fitness class as a family.

Don't forget the playground! At Pier 6, the Water Lab playground is too much fun to pass up.

There's only one thing that could be better than a playground… Go for a ride on Jane's Carousel at Empire Fulton Ferry –and take in stunning views of New York Harbor while you're at it.

Brooklyn Heights has always been a center of culture and cultivation. From here, you can go anywhere.

All of Manhattan sparkles at your fingertips, when you walk the Pier 1 Promenade at night. Could anything be more breathtaking?

Come to Brooklyn Heights, and find out what home feels like for you.

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