Located in Southeastern Brooklyn, Canarsie lies on the lower section of Jamaican Bay. The neighborhood is bounded by many other neighborhoods like East Flatbush, Flatlands, Bergen Beach, Brownsville, and East New York in Brooklyn. Canarsie was initially a part of Brooklyn town Flatlands and was once populated by the Canarsee Indians, who live across Western Long Island for decades. Many of the residents love fishing and boating as these activities are easily accessible. The name of this neighborhood comes from the Lenape language, which means fenced land.

Near the majestic Jamaica Bay, Canarsie is a neighborhood focusing mainly on the water surrounding the neighborhood. With many affordable homes to purchase or apartments to rent, this neighborhood is favored by all in regards to finding a good housing deal. There are also many commercial warehouses and industrial buildings in this neighborhood.

Canarsie is home to some of the best pizzas with a local pizza store like Original Pizza. Here, you'll find an opportunity to enjoy many ethnic eating options at Long Won Restaurant, Yard Style Jamaican Restaurant, Fisheye Bar & Grill, Bamboo Garden Restaurant, and many more.

Canarsie is the home to a large Carribean and West Indian population. Canarsie Pier is a must-see attraction with its’ magnificent views of Jamaica Bay. Canarsie real estate has a wide variety of the types of residences offered. From apartments all the way to multi-family buildings, this neighborhood has it all. It also offers more detached single family homes than any other neighborhood in Brooklyn. Come explore Canarsie to find all of its’ beauty, culture, and historic architecture.