Carroll Gardens

A quiet and charming neighborhood boasting beautiful brownstone row houses, is a popular place to live among men and women of all ages and backgrounds.  The area’s diverse population reflects a unique blend of historic Italian-American influences and the more recent influx of young professional residents.

Not far from the big city yet possessing a decidedly peaceful atmosphere, Carroll Gardens is best known for the front gardens which gave it its name.  Stretching 30 to 40 feet in front of brownstones in the Historic District and bordered by tall trees, these gardens are precious to city dwellers and consequently in high demand.  Another reminder of nature’s beauty can be found at Carroll Park, between President and Carroll Streets.  The playground-strewn area offers tranquil walkways and benches, creating an ideal setting for an afternoon stroll.

Carroll Gardens Real Estate is bordered by Degraw Street to the north, Hamilton Avenue to the south, and Columbia and Smith Streets to the east and west.  Smith Street, sometimes called the “restaurant row,” provides the vast majority of shops and eateries in this neighborhood.  Traditional family-owned restaurants are plentiful, but there are also numerous cafes and boutiques to explore.

The Carroll Gardens branch of the Brooklyn Public Library has existed at its current location on the corner of Clinton Street and Union Street since 1905 and serves as an excellent resource for the community.  Several historic churches and the Old Smith Theater also reside in this neighborhood.

Carroll Gardens is served primarily by the F/G subway line, and the R is also accessible at Smith and 9th Streets.

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Living in Brooklyn: Carroll Gardens Real Estate

carroll gardens real estate
carroll gardens real estate

In Carroll Gardens, you really do get the best of both worlds. Here, it is actually possible to greet your neighbors by name when you pass them on the street, and also see a Broadway musical or visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art whenever you might feel like it.

carroll gardens real estate

Carroll Gardens is a real neighborhood, where your neighbors are real people. And it's just a few subway stops from Manhattan.

carroll gardens realty
carroll gardens realty
carroll gardens realty

The Italian immigrant roots of this neighborhood are nowhere more evident than in the quality and quantity of good Italian restaurants.

Go to Sam's for the best pizza and garlic bread you've ever tasted, or try Fragole Ristorante for fresh and delicious staples of Italian cuisine.

Nothing beats brunch in Carroll Gardens. Go to Café Luluc on Smith Street and delight in impossibly crispy but fluffy pancakes or Eggs Benedict done to perfection.

Carroll Gardens: Welcome to the Neighborhood

Find refuge from the Big City. Carroll Gardens just feels like home.

Treat yourself to wine and fondue at The Jakewalk on Smith Street's elegant restaurant row.

Or find friendly bartenders and a relaxed atmosphere at Minibar on Court Street.

What's in a name? This neighborhood is called Carroll Gardens for good reason…

Take a stroll through Carroll Gardens: The feeling is good!

At Carol Park, you'll be reminded of another era…

Wander through Brooklyn's third oldest public park and find yourself gazing at bronze and granite memorials…

You can't help but find yourself surrounded by flowers…

Whether you are spending time discovering it's quiet tree-lined streets…

or just enjoy being surrounded by caring neighbors, it just feels right.

Get lost in thought as you revel in the delights of the corner café.

Staying fit without going far

Find basketball and baseball for the kids…

Take advantage of the thriving local community's offerings: arts and crafts in the summer, Shakespeare at the monument…

there's always a fun family event coming up.

Carroll Gardens is rich in cultural and aesthetic beauty both. Its streets are as welcoming as the neighbors. Playmates for kids are abundantly available, and you'll never have to worry about their safety. It's like having a really big, really extended family.

No neighborhood in the world possesses so much natural lovelines…

No neighbors in the world possess so much natural warmth and kindness.

Welcome to Carroll Gardens Real Estate!

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