Cobble Hill is a quiet and charming neighborhood in a prime Brooklyn location close to Brooklyn Heights and Manhattan.  The streets are lined with characteristic row brownstones protected as part of the historic district and the sidewalks are shaded by beautiful trees.  This neighborhood is particularly popular among families with children but also attracts just about anybody seeking a peaceful haven within the hectic environment of New York City.

Cobble Hill Real Estate stretches north to south from Atlantic Avenue to Degraw Street and east to west from Court Street to Hicks Street.  Because of its proximity to Brooklyn Heights, the Borough Hall subway station, served by the 2/3, 4/5 and R trains, is very accessible.  The F train also serves Cobble Hill.

Brick and brownstone townhouses make up most of the housing in this neighborhood, some converted from former churches or schoolhouses.  There are still several Gothic churches remaining untouched, such as the St. Francis Cabrini Chapel, which dates from before the Civil War.

Court Street and Smith Street offer restaurants and cafes galore, with Smith Street known to many as the “restaurant row” in appreciation of the variety and quality of dining options found there.  On Court Street is the Cobble Hill Cinema, a family-run movie theater that offers discount prices and foreign films.  Atlantic Avenue represents an eclectic collection of Middle Eastern food spots, antique shops, and assorted independent stores.

Cobble Hill Park, also sometimes called Verandah Park, is a small but highly-regarded treasure with benches, picnic tables and a children’s playground.  The park hosts a music festival every summer and an annual Halloween parade.

Living in Brooklyn: Cobble Hill Rentals and Sales

cobble hill brooklyn
cobble hill brooklyn

Cobble Hill Real Estate is in a neighborhood of grace, elegance, and deep historical roots. Its townhouses and rowhouses of limestone and sandstone have stood proudly for over a century. Some of the trees lining the wide, inviting sidewalks have been here just as long.

cobble hill brooklyn

Peace and tranquility define this neighborhood…In Cobble Hill, discover the true meaning of ‘beauty.’

cobble hill real estate
cobble hill real estate
cobble hill real estate

Hungry? Take a delightful stroll along Smith Street’s Restaurant Row and see what tempts your palate. For a fine dining experience that Manhattan can’t beat, experience the simple elegance of Saul.

As an alternative, discover what Court Street has to offer. Try Moo Burger, right next to Cobble Hill Cinema. For desert, The Chocolate Room is guaranteed to please.

Cobble Hill is home to many popular bars and lounges. Go to the Clover Club on Smith Street for a sophisticated cocktail, or try 61 Local and choose from an assortment of excellent local beers.

Brooklyn High School of the Arts was formerly a printing plant for the New York Times.

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Cobble Hill is waiting for you.

The Ex-Lax Apartment building on Atlantic Avenue was one of the earliest industrial-to-residential conversions.

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Lose yourself in your surroundings. Be a part of the majesty all around you.

Bring up your children in a magical wonderland. Give them the gifts of inspiration and imagination, and watch them grow.

Stop and smell the rose garden at Cobble Hill Park. Take a deep breath and rediscover relaxation…

For the kids, a playground that won the Award for Excellence in Design (dolphin fountain included). For you, pick a bench or a picnic table in the shade. Let yourself enjoy what you deserve. You’ve earned this.

The Brooklyn Inn, located on the southwest corner at Bergen Street and which dates back to 1850, ran as a "speakeasy" during prohibition.

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There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.

cobble hill rentals

Whether you’re interested in Cobble Hill Rentals or Sales, in Cobble Hill, you’ll find what you’ve always been looking for: your home

Cobble Hill redefines the word ‘charming.’ …And does a much better job than the dictionary.

Find your way to Cobble Hill.

The Cobble Hill Tunnel of 1844 is an abandoned railroad tunnel beneath Atlantic Avenue in downtown Brooklyn that previously was part of the Long Island Railroad. This tunnel is the oldest railway tunnel beneath a city street in North America and has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places since 1989.

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You deserve to LOVE the place you call home.

It's a wonderful place to dine alfresco.

Take advantage of Cobble Hill’s cultural offerings. Visit the New York Transit Museum and learn about the New York City subway system. Or simply take a walk around the neighborhood; some of the churches you see predate the Civil War…can you guess which ones?

Life is what you make of it.

Come to Cobble Hill, and make life what you want it to be.

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