, an area whose name is an acronym for its location, “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass,” was for a long time a warehouse district of Brooklyn but has since transformed into a much-desired residential neighborhood.  Nevertheless, its industrial roots are still visible in its converted factory buildings and cobblestone streets, not to mention the unusually large loft apartments available.

DUMBO real estate covers the region between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, from Hudson Street to Fulton Street and from John Street, on the East River, to Prospect Street.  Also included in this neighborhood is the area to the east of the Manhattan Bridge as far as Vinegar Hill.  The A/C and F subway lines stop in DUMBO, and plenty of other trains serve the Borough Hall station in Brooklyn Heights, just a short walk away.

While many of the homes in this neighborhood are former warehouses converted into residential buildings, there is also an abundance of new construction, including several condo skyscrapers.  The latter offer breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline.  At the waterfront, the pier that once docked Brooklyn-Manhattan steam ferries is now home to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and also serves as a popular setting for wedding photographs.

Grimaldi’s famous pizza is also located near the pier, as is the upscale River Café.  Other dining options in DUMBO include everything from chocolate and pastry shops like Almondine to restaurants like Superfine and the Vinegar Hill House.  This neighborhood is also known for its art community, featuring several galleries, free outdoor movies, and St. Ann’s Warehouse, a performing arts center.

Living in Brooklyn: DUMBO

Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass is a priceless art haven just waiting for you to discover it.

Artists, storytellers and innovators flock to this neighborhood, and for good reason; inspiration lives in every street corner, every archway, and every cobblestone.

Abandoned factories and converted warehouses give DUMBO its solemn postindustrial atmosphere.

Cobblestone streets remind you that this neighborhood is truly one of a kind.

DUMBO is home to two of New York City's most famous culinary establishments.

Grimaldi's Pizzeria is located directly beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, and serves coal-fired brick oven pizza just the way they made it in 1905.

The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory makes ice cream classics of the highest caliber, and is housed in a landmark fireboat house on the Fulton Ferry Pier.

For elegance and style, visit the Vinegar Hill House on Hudson Avenue.

Indulge in entrées like cast iron chicken, or try a decadent slice of Guinness Chocolate Cake for desert.

DUMBO: Come See What All The Fuss Is About

DUMBO is a New York City Treasure

In DUMBO, you live and breathe art. It's all around you. It's in the air. It's in your skin.

Perch on a boulder. Contemplate the waves. Forget the world.

This is where human creativity meets natural beauty, and they fall in love.

DUMBO Brooklyn Real Estate offers so much. Dare to explore it.

If you're looking for inspiration, DUMBO is the answer.

Let your creativity loose. Let your individuality be known.

Historic brick houses and gorgeous brownstones alternate with revamped industrial buildings and new condominium developments.

In a word: Unique

DUMBO is Alive…

DUMBO Brooklyn Real Estate is right next door to Brooklyn Bridge Park, a waterfront wonderland designed for your enjoyment.

Walk along the promenade and exalt in stunning views of the Manhattan skyline, or wander among gently sloping lawns and be inspired by nature's beauty.

Sit on the beach and gaze at the water. Catch a water taxi, or ride the East River Ferry. Bike along the boardwalk, and then take a nap on the grass. Play some volleyball. Go kayaking.

Just another wonderful day in the neighborhood.

Be passionate. Be free. Be you. In DUMBO.

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