Sheepshead Bay

Sheepshead Bay, a neighborhood in Brooklyn bordering Manhattan Beach, Gravesend, Madison, and Gerritsen Beach, is an idyllic place to live from the serene beaches to the bustling resturaunts. Sheepshead Bay (also known as “The Bay” by locals) got its name from the sheepshead fishes that once swam in the bay, and now is known as a continuously booming fishing district. With instant access to major metro lines and roadways, the location proves to be an ideal location all the way from young families to retirees.

Sheepshead Bay, a booming cultural hub historically known for its diverse people and food is a balanced combination of urban convenience and quiet residential comfort. Walking along the bay you can find locals purchasing fresh fish right off the boat in the marina. Emmons Avenue offers a seemingly endless variety of shops and delicious restaurants serving everything from Turkish delights to Russian pierogies.

Sheepshead Bay is home to some of the best Brooklyn pizza with a local staple like DelMar. Entertain your pallet with quality seafood from “Bay” landmarks like Randazzo's Clam Bar that has been serving the Bay since 1932 and Liman Restaurant for the best-grilled Branzino around. Emmons Avenue is home to one of the neighborhood's favorite Russian markets in the area. Cherry Hill boasts freshly prepared Russian/Ukrainian dishes and homeade breads reminiscent to the locals' old country. Here, you'll find an opportunity to enjoy many ethnic dining options with your family and friends.

Across the street, in the bay waters between the docked boats, you will find swans awaiting their daily meal eagerly thrown by local children. Accommodating the influx of growing families in the area, Sheepshead Bay is experiencing a developmental boom making way for new high rises, facilities, and establishments.

Sheepshead Bay is bordered by Ocean Parkway to the west, Avenue T to the north, and water masses to the south and east. This neighborhood provides the vast majority of seafood restaurants, cafes and shops. The diverse school system, parks, playgrounds and innumerable amenities like pools, gyms and parking make it highly appealing to families. Today, this neighborhood is accessible by the B and Q subway lines, which have made commuting to and from Sheepshead Bay quick and easy.