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A native New Yorker born in Brooklyn, NY, Andrew Moore has always had an affinity for service, growth, and tangible results. So, when he decided to pursue a career in real estate it was a natural transition. With an inherent desire to provide quality service, he has amassed a clear knowledge of the New York City real estate industry, utilizes creative marketing techniques for the benefit of his clientele, and pervades a sincere level of professionalism throughout his real estate transactions.
Moore spent years as a Sales Consultant before moving on to go work for the NBA (National Basketball Association). After working for the NBA he chased his dream of providing service to inner city students as a Business Manager for a Brooklyn high school. Andrew has been able to utilize his education as well as satisfy his inner desire to inspire youth through education, mentorship and social guidance. As a Real Estate Salesperson, he now provides the same level of support, passion and top-notch service to his clients, as he does with the youth he serves.
A graduate of Dowling College, Moore holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Computer Information Systems, and Master's of Business Administration in Business Management and Leadership. He resides in Brooklyn with his family.
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Andrew Moore

  • Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
89 Seventh Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11217 United States